July 30, 2020

The Interior Reflection

Skin is our largest organ of the body and is the most convenient tool for determining overall health, a window to your physicality and the glow to your soul in the truest sense.

Our protector, the gut.

Did you know that people with rosacea and acne are at least ten times more likely to have gut issues? And that 34% of people with IBS show skin manifestations? Gut inflammation is also linked to premature ageing of the skin, at times known as ‘inflammaging’. Rosacea and acne aside, other visible signs of poor gut health include eczema, dullness and dryness which indicate an imbalance that lies deep within your gut, so if you have been struggling with your skin… or just want to feel youthful and vibrant (I mean who doesn’t!) this article may provide you with some helpful insight (Please know, that like always, everyone is different and this is general advice only).

Simply put, where there is gut inflammation, evidently, there is commonly skin inflammation, which frequently results from Dysbiosis—an imbalance in your microbiome. let’s take a deeper look.

Just like the gut-brain axis—whereby our gut and brain are in constant communication via the vagus nerve—our gut and skin also employ a consistent dialogue via the gut-skin axis. This pathway allows the gut and skin to communicate via the microbiome—so it makes sense that if our gut is out of balance or inflamed, our skin will evidently reflect this.

The ‘GIT’ (Gastro Intestinal Tract / gut) sorts out the good bacteria from the bad bacteria, all while ensuring nutrients from food are optimally absorbed and the nasty toxins successfully excreted. When there is an imbalance of bad bacteria caused by nutrition and lifestyle factors such as alcohol, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, gluten, smoke, pollution, pesticides, inadequate fibre (just to name a few), your gut turns from smooth and beautifully pink, into inflamed, and agitated. ‘Inflammation’ damages the precious lining our gut wall, allowing these nasties (known as free radicals) to break free into your body and wreak havoc on your immune system and overall physical and mental health.

Your exterior is the reflection of your interior.

The main reason why skin conditions are evident of poor gut health is that once the wall of the gut is damaged and allows free radicals to pass, our very astute body works to remove imposing harm from our body, STAT. With the skin being the largest organ, instinctively it is the most advantageous rout and naturally, when something so delicate becomes exposed to something so harmful, redness, swelling and irritation will result. This is the exterior to interior reflection.

Should you treat your gut irrespective of love, prolonged inflammation will not only damage your skin, you are also exposed to many inflammatory disorders, allergies, hormone/mood imbalances, and possible chronic disease. Furthermore, with poor gut health there may be limited nutrient utilisation and loss of skin loving nutrients (A, C, E and Zinc just to name a few). Additionally, of the good bacteria available, major functioning organs (i.e. heart and lungs) are prioritised, meaning skin, hair and nails sadly take the short straw.

So, you see, gut health is paramount to glowing, plump, refined and timeless beauty, as well as a glowing physical presence, aura and overall confidence. To acknowledge what’s going on inside will help you and your natural health specialist, understand where to start your healing journey. Know this is your body messaging you to action changes.

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