Ella Bache Magazine

June 03, 2020

“I strongly believe in a balance of intuition and education. Your appetite and your mind deserve the respect that it is communicating to you.”


Golden Sprout Chia Balls

May 27, 2020

Not only are all the health benefits a massive win but they seriously taste insane are so increadibly easy to make. The whole family will love them.



April 21, 2020

It’s important to recognise that many small farms cannot afford to go through the very expensive organic certification yet through shear passion still follow a natural, healthy and traditional growing practice.


One-Pan Tempeh Spag Bowl + Spicy Kale Crunch

April 16, 2020

Phytoestrogens bind weakly to oestrogen receptors to produce an anti-oestrogenic affect, making this phytonutrient notably beneficial for women with hormones irregularities, however you should also know...

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