There is usually a series of events in our lives that lead us to a place we are meant to be.

Liv Crumpton


As a teen, my passion was to become a ballet dancer. A demand for 'that dancer's physique' saw my body begging for nutrition and yearning for energy. My body was certainly not sustained, and my mind was chaotically consumed with uncertain and negative thoughts about food.

Years later, I entered my career in fashion, yet another industry driven by body image, further fuelling my cynical relationship with food; this became a perilous and unsustainable one.

Nine years ago, my beautiful mum and dad got their angel wings. Grief is as heart-aching as it is humbling. What I have taken from this is enlightened respect and appreciation for the body that we have and how we can better nurture and appreciate her and all that she does for us.

Earning my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics & currently completing a Master of Women's Health Medicine, my true heart-led mission is helping others achieve an ongoing healthy and sustainable relationship with food that is the premise of a fulfilling and well-rounded lifestyle.

My approach is personal and based, first and foremost, on judgment-free understanding. I take a scientific and holistic approach that harnesses the combined power of nutrition, smart eating strategies and exercise. I am based in Manly/Fairlight on Sydney's Northern Beaches. We will work together to create the changes you desire, to fill you with knowledge and build a radiant relationship with food to guide you to health and wellness.

I am so glad you are here.

Liv Crumpton
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Body Bloom is an evidence-based nutrition education program tailored to teenage female health in schools

Body Bloom fuses evidence-based nutrition with a positive psychology framework to challenge negative self-talk and re-write individual narratives around body image. Our progressive tertiary program provides young women with the motivational tools to establish confidence, self-empowerment, and body appreciation for prevailing physical and mental health.

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