Phone call

Please call anytime. Are you thinking about seeking nutrition advice yet are feeling unsure? I am always open to a phone call with you where we discuss your health concerns to decipher how we can create a plan that is personally suited to you.

Initial Consultation


Nutrition Counselling Initial: 75-90 minutes

Individual sessions begin with a comprehensive assessment of your medical history, nutrition, lifestyle, current medication and supplementation, along with body composition measurements and pathology if required. Based on your needs, we will design goals and a personalised action plan.

Face-to-face or Zoom

Follow-Up Consultation


Nutrition Counselling Follow-up: 45-60 minutes

During follow-up sessions, we will work together to ensure you have the tools and knowledge necessary to become a healthier you. Your goals will continue to adjust as we make progress and as your nutritional needs change. Together, we will overcome life's hurdles with inventive approaches to keep you feeling motivated and empowered regardless of what is standing in your way.

Face-to-face or Zoom

Youth Consultation 12 - 15 years


Nutrition Counselling Session: 60 minutes

I invite you and your tween/s to join me on personalised 'becoming' health program where we will be openly discussing:

1: All Food groups, the complete health benefits, why variety & balance are key to a healthy body and mind.

2: 'The Body Positive Movement' Friend or faux? What empowers you? What toxifies you? Why restrictive eating, restricts you.

3: Intuitive actions. Honour your emotions, respect your appetite, highlight your victories.

4: PEACE. Speak kindness to your body and farewell food guilt.

Face-to-face only

Infrared Sauna


(This is an exclusive service for nutrition clients only)

The extra sweetener to help you reach your new found health goals. Enjoy after your consultation or simply between appointments to relax, meditate, soothe aching muscles and joints, improve sleep and detoxify. For those booking after consultations, I will arrange the time for you.

Please be sure to bring along:

Large water bottle (You get sweaty so this is an essential).


I-phone for the use of podcast or meditative music or book.

Nutrition Education Workshops

Nutrition Education Workshop

For groups of 5 or more, I will curate a customised nutrition education workshop on a topic of your choosing, including:

  • Weight management
  • Womens health
  • Eating to support your sport
  • How to feed your family well on a budget
  • Children's nutrition (for parents and children)
  • Thrive during the teenage years (for parents and teens)
  • Diabetes prevention
  • Smart Snacking for the Whole Family

Workshops can run from 1 to 2.5 hours, depending on the nature of the class.

Email to enquire/book

Sydney only

Sculpt X Liv Nutritious Spring Challenge

Spring Challenge Health Package: 70 minutes

1 x 40minute 1:1 nutrition education and goal setting consultation

1 x 30 minute infrared Sauna

*For Sculpt members only

Health Funds & Rebates

Rebates are available with most private health providers depending on your level of cover. Please check with your fund to determine what you are entitled to.