Individualised private sessions in clinic or via telehealth at your convenience.


Welcome! Liv Nutritious is a functional nutrition practice that works with patients to identify dysfunction and restore balance in the body.

I specialise in weight loss, chronic acne, eczema, female teen health, menstrual cycle/female hormone health, gastrointestinal conditions, adrenal fatigue, immune dysfunction, eating disorder recovery and intuitive eating.

I aim to engage, educate, and encourage you on your journey to optimal health. You will leave feeling confident and self-motivated to create healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more. 


Fairlight Clinic Location: 13 Francis Street Fairlight OR via virtual consultation.


Needing a session ASAP? Send an email to with your preferred time and date.

OR - To secure your booking;

1. Book the next available session that suits you. 

2. On the intake form, Tick 'I would like an appointment sooner'. We will be in contact to request your preferred time and day. 


Initial Consult

60 Minutes

Individual sessions begin with a comprehensive assessment of your medical history, nutrition, lifestyle, current medication and supplementation, and overall health status. We will design goals and a personalised action plan based on your health needs and long-term goals. To target your treatment plan, we will discuss functional testing options such as Microbiome Mapping or DNA testing for review at follow-up sessions. 

Lacking confidence?.. I am with you the whole way w/live nutrition and lifestyle tracking. 

Face-to-face or virtual

Follow up

45 Minutes

We bring together functional testing and pathology (if required) to target your plan. We will work together to ensure you have the tools and knowledge necessary to become a healthier you. Your goals will continue to adjust as we progress and your nutritional needs change. Together, we will overcome life's hurdles with inventive approaches to keep you motivated and empowered regardless of what is in your way.

Face-to-face or virtual

Couples / Family

90 Minutes

Suitable for couples or families with different minds and mouths to feed, yet wish to unite in mind and practice and cover it off together. These sessions simplify the complexity of caring for a family whilst also developing a thorough understanding of each other's nutritional needs.

Face-to-face or virtual 

Discovery Phone Call

10 minutes

For those who wish to know more or need assistance making a booking. You are also free to call anytime. 

Health fund


Private health funds may offer cover for nutrition consultations; however, this is dependent on your provider and your level of coverage.

It is your responsibility to contact your private health fund provider.

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